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Now packages can be chosen with the Intune file format!


Let us take care of the minutia of packaging

Are you tired of packaging the same application over, and over again? Let us help you eliviate that with our standardized set of 50+ ready to deploy packages.

Coronation Application Servicing, or AppS for short provides a set of standard applications – packaged and ready to be deployed into your environment. We always make sure that our packages are up to date and according to best practices within the business.

We've been doing application packaging for a long time and apart from giving us experience within the field, we also know what applications are commonly used within most organizations and we know you'll find them useful too.


What you get


All of our packages are standardized for deployment and the vast majority of applications are packaged in MSI. There are some exceptions to this which is applicable whenever the vendor doesn't support repackaging. An example of this is Microsoft OneDrive.

Always up to date

After release from the vendor we push to have the latest version available to you as quickly as possible, but no later than after ten days if we're exceptionally busy. You'll also get a notice from us at the end of each week which applications have been updated, so you don't have to worry about checking.

No Interruption

The goal of any application manager is to handle their lifecycle with little to no interruption for the user. Therefor we make sure that the installations are silent and suppress any unnecessary reboots during installation. We also shut off any auto-updating services.


Desktop icons removed

We always remove desktop icons, not to clutter
the users screens.



Active Setup makes for longer login, therefore
we favor self-repair where applicable.


Quality Assurance & Testing

Packages are always tested on Windows 7, 8 and
10 and we make sure they work.


MSI Upgrades

Implement and verify that MSI Upgrades work
from previous package.


Disable Auto-Updates

Many applications carry auto-update features,
we make sure that they are disabled.

Applications included

We currently have 50+ packages ready and waiting in the portal, but we always listen to what applications you need in order to improve the service that we provide. We want AppS to be the most qualitative service of its kind on the market! Note that some applications exist in one or several different versions.

Adobe Air

Adobe Flash Player ActiveX

Adobe Flash Player PlugIn

Adobe Reader DC

Adobe Reader XI

Adobe Shockwave Player


DonHo Notepad++




x86 & x64

.Net Framework 4.6


Microsoft SecurityEssentials
x86 & x64

Microsoft Silverlight


Microsoft VCRedist
8 versions, x86 & x64

x86 & x64

Oracle JRE8
x86 & x64

Oracle Virtualbox

MySQL Workbench
x86 & x64



VMWare Player

VLC Media Player



Citrix Receiver



x86 & x64

Google Chrome

x86 & x64






Powerful integrations

We are very proud of our seamless integration to SCCM Importer which allows you to easily download and import our packages, as well as your own, directly into SCCM.

The application handles all kinds of packages; MSI, EXE, App-V and even Scripted installations.

We really meant it when we said ready for deploy

All of our packages are tested for distribution with SCCM, using this tool has saved us a lot of valuable time when updating our applications.

Read more about SCCM Importer at


Simplistic web interface

Get access and download your applications through our web interface. It’s easy to find the application you’re looking for using our search functionality but the interface is also very easy to get an overview of the applications.



You can choose AppS with or without the integration to SCCM Importer. Whichever you chose, you can always upgrade or downgrade!

AppS Standard

per Month

Web Interface
Corporate Account
Unlimited Downloads
50+ Applications

Does not include access to SCCM Importer

AppS + SCCM Importer

per Month

SCCM Importer
Web Interface
Corporate Account
Unlimited Downloads
50+ Applications